Find Your Authentic Brand Colours – Using Your Own Artistic Imagery!

SECTION #6a – Create Your Font Boards

a): Watch the Create Your Font Boards Video above to set-up the initial boards you will need to work on your font research. This exercise should take you around 15 minutes!

You can do the exercise alongside the video!

(The Video Is 10:49 Minutes Long.)

You can refer to my timings below!

Video Timings…

✦ Up to 4:03 mins – Intro & setting up your new font layouts

✦ At 4:04 mins – How to start your initial research and why use Google Fonts

✦ At 5:57 mins – Getting started with using Google Fonts to research fonts

✦ At 7:18 mins – Getting started with using Canva to research fonts

✦ At 9:23 mins – Setting up two boards for your Title and your Script fonts

SECTION #6b – Research Your Fonts

b): Watch the Research Your Fonts Video above to find and investigate different styles of font. This exercise could take you 30 – 60 minutes to work through the research!

In this video I am talking you through my thought process. So play the video at the same time as working through it yourself!

(The Video Is 22:37 Minutes Long.)

You can refer to my timings below!

Video Timings…

✦ Up to 2:46 mins – Intro and analysing your initial boards

✦ At 2:47 mins – Using Google Fonts and how to research text ‘pairings’

✦ At 5:46 mins – Using Evernote to keep notes on your font research

✦ At 8:43 mins – Researching another font and updating the fonts you have selected on your boards

✦ At 12:20 mins – Refining your font research and reasons to rule certain fonts out

✦ At 14:26 mins – Importing fonts from Google Fonts into Canva For Work (Paid Subscription)

✦ At 19:50 mins – Consulting with Rosie about her fonts and final font board


You know the drill! Don’t forget to share an image of your Font Boards so we can see what you picked!

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You can View Rosie’s Fonts Boards which I work through in the videos by clicking on the link below.

View Canva FONT Boards – Rosie’s Boards >>>

Here’s a list of the links used in the videos:

Google Fonts >>>

Evernote >>>

Canva For Work – Paid Subscription Details >>>

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