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one-to-one mentoring support

is your online presence in a mess & just all over the place?

then get help & let me review your

website & social media accounts

ONE-TO-ONE help FOR your website & social media accounts

YOU’LL GET a review SPECIFICALLY TAILORED TO YOU and your art business

One of the most common sticking points in any art business is our website and social media accounts…

Help! My website needs lots of work (or it just plain sucks) and I don’t really know what i’m doing on social media. How do I get started?

Does this sound like YOU?

My one-to-one mentoring was created exactly for people like YOU so that I can begin to give you a roadmap of where to go next. 

It’s not like any other mentoring you will have gone through AND I’m not like other ‘business’ mentors – lol!!! 

I’m a creative just like you running a successful creative business AND I really want to help YOU!!!

Make Art!

Find Clients! Make Money!

Make More Art!


YOU need help AND I want to give it


I have over 20 years experience running a successful creative practice AND I promise that we’ll have some FUN along the way!!!

Lets Start With 10 Reasons WHY We Should Work Together?

  1. Because my advice is based on over 23 years of my own personal experience of being an artist-designer-maker myself.
  2. Because my advice is based on helping you look at your creative practice from a creative perspective not just from a business perspective.
  3. Because as an artist / designer / maker myself I understand what its like to want to create work and the difficulties we face in finding clients who want to buy it.
  4. Because I‘ve woken up in the night with that burning idea that I want to get started.
  5. Because I can’t actually turn my ‘creative head’ off!
  6. Because my advice will help you to work out all the different ways you can turn your talents into a business that has clients and makes money.
  7. Because I practice what I preach (well most of the time anyway) and I’m ‘doing’ all the ‘things’ I teach in my own creative business on a daily basis.
  8. Because I love helping and passing on my advice…and I believe in the ‘art of conversation’!
  9. BECAUSE I give specialist ‘creative’ business advice for creatives AND my one-to-one mentoring is totally tailored to YOUR own UNIQUE needs!!!
  10. AND Because I want YOU to succeed – because you are my client, so if you succeed then my business succeeds and so its a Win Win relationship.

BUT WAIT! Here’s 3 Reasons WHY We Might NOT Be Good Together?

WARNING 1! – I do NOT give standard ‘business advice’!

(I will NOT be telling you to get business cards, set up a website and write a 3-year business plan with financial projections – although we may discuss some of these things).

WARNING 2! – I do NOT teach about what I call ‘traditional’ ways for ‘artists’ to make money!

(I will NOT be telling you to apply endlessly for grants, try to find even more exhibitions to do for FREE or do any sort of stuff to ‘build your artistic profile’ – although we may discuss some of these things).

In fact I believe these are ALL out-dated methods set-up by what I call ‘The Establishment’!

(As you might have guess, I am anti-the-establishment and like any good bohemian artist I can show you how to challenge these pre-conceived notions, think outside-the-box AND blaze your own trail!)

WARNING 3! – I teach modern ‘creative’ business advice that puts YOU first, builds clients that are loyal to YOU and I help you work out ALL the ways you can generate money from YOUR talents.

I give advice that aligns with YOUR own personal philosophy. After all, if we aren’t HAPPY doing what we do why bother?!!!

If you don’t agree with my thinking then maybe we can’t work together and I wish you all the best!

Stop making excuses, TAKE ACTION NOW

Let me help YOU to create your work AND make money without feeling like you’ve ‘sold out’?

I Practice What I Preach On A Daily Basis?

Well don’t wait, lets get YOUR business started…


Together, you and me, we can make it happen if:

  • YOU are totally baffled by the task of turning your ‘art’ into a business!
  • YOU are fed up not making any money out of your creative practice and want to learn how to create work, find clients who will buy your work and make money!
  • YOU want to turn your ‘art’ into a business AND sell your work!
  • YOU are simply overwhelmed by running an ‘art business,, don’t know where to start or what to do next!

Flash forward and by the end of our time together you will:

  • Have started AND be well on your way to turning your art / design / craft practice into an art / design / craft business
  • Have started finding clients AND worked out ways to make money from your creative talents
  • Have started working on an area of your business that you were really struggling with
  • Have someone to watch your back, talk to and ask questions when you get stuck.

I’ve got great news!

You don’t have to figure this all out on your own!

By working with me on a one-to-one basis I can tailor my mentoring to YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS!

Together we can pick one or more aspects of your practice to start tackling which will help you create work, find clients AND make money!

I will make it as easy as 1-2-3 to:

  • Work out what you actually want
  • To work out what types of work to create and the different ways that these can generate money
  • To begin to find YOUR clients
  • To actually work out how to turn your creative talents into money

This is what you’ll get in my



We Work Together – YOU AND ME!

We will tackle one or more aspects of your art / design / craft practice depending on which package you choose and what you need help with.

You can choose to tackle any of the problems listed below in THE BIGGIES or THE PICK ‘N’ MIX sections.


Below are a list of the common ‘big’ problems you can choose to GET-HELP with.

  • Help! I really don’t have a clue where to start, everything is a mess, I’m making NO money and I really don’t know where to start never mind what to do next?!
  • Help! I’ve been making my art / designs / craft for a while and I have some clients BUT I really don’t know how to build this into a business?!
  • Help! I’m just out of college and I don’t know what I should be doing first?!

This list looks at gaining help with your art practice / business as a whole. It is less general than the topics in the THE PICK ‘N’ MIX section. Choosing one of THE BIGGIES to focus on means we will take a quick look at EVERY aspect of your art practice / business first BUT then we will need to choose a couple of areas to focus on (otherwise it will be totally overwhelming). Don’t panic – I will help you with this!!!


Below are a list of the more specific problems you can choose to GET-HELP with.

Making Work & Selling It

  • I don’t know what type of work to create and how my work will make me money.
  • I’m doing lots of exhibitions but its not generating any income.
  • I need help finding exhibitions to participate in.
  • I need help planning and exhibiting at fairs (like art fairs, craft fairs, trade fairs or selling shows).
  • I need help working to commission.
  • I need help to launch a new collection.
  • I need help finding stockists.

Websites & Social Media

  • Help! I don’t have a website!
  • Help! My website just doesn’t make me any money and I’d like a website review.
  • Help! I haven’t a clue about social media.
  • I need help growing my social media.


  • Help! I have no clients!
  • Help! I don’t know who my clients are or where I can find them.
  • Help! I have a few clients but none of them buy my work.


  • Help! I really haven’t got a clue about any aspect of money!
  • Help! I have absolutely no money and I don’t know what to do next.
  • I’m actually in debt and I need help to get out of it.
  • Help! I really haven’t a clue how to price my work.
  • I need help costing exhibition pieces.
  • I need help costing a collection.

This list looks at picking a particular aspect of your art practice / business to focus on. It is much more specific that than THE BIGGIE topics. Choosing one of THE PICK ‘N’ MIX topics to focus on means we can really concentrate on it and delve deeper into it.

Have another problem you need help with? Don’t panic, if you don’t see the problem that you would like help with on the lists, just let me know!

THE RESULT: I can guarantee that with my mentoring and the advice I teach I can help you make work, find clients AND turn your talents money.

Why am I so confident that I can help? Because I have over 20 years experience ‘doing’ what I teach on a daily basis in my own creative practice AND I want YOU to succeed – If YOUR business succeeds then MY business succeeds!


STEP 1 – Initial Chit Chat

Step 1 is the easy part – we need to have a bit of a chat to see how we’re going to get this mentoring started.

We can do this any way you like – by phone, skype or facetime. Don’t like talking on the phone, don’t worry we can also communicate via email if you prefer.

Depending on our chat, I might send you a questionnaire to fill out so that I can gain a better understanding of you and where you are at with your art / design / craft practice and business.

Step 2 – Gaining Clarity to what you actually want and need 

I’m going to set you an exercise which will help us to get a better idea of what is really important to you and the area(s) we need to focus on first.

You’ll have to go do a bit of homework for this one – don’t worry its fun and easy!

MODULE 3 – Brand like a 7-figure earner mod3We’ll welcome our guest designer Carolyn Heim as she teaches us how to pick the perfect fonts and color palette for our brand. By the time this module is complete, you’ll have a full Brand Board you can put into action. :: 5 Step Brand Creation Process :: Creating Your Live Brand :: Branding DIVI
MODULE 4 – Design a gorgeous back end your students will love to log into (DIVI) mod4You’ll turn into a designer for a day as you learn how to take the incredible branding you just created and bring it to life inside your site. You’ll discover how to customize your dashboard and modules for maximum impact and style. :: Creating and customizing your Login Page :: Creating and customizing your Dashboard :: Creating and customizing Course and freebies pages :: Creating and customizing your Menus
MODULE 5 – Set up effortless automation (WISHLIST) mod5How do you create different levels of access inside the program? How do you integrate emails so the content gets delivered on time and easily? How to do you Integrate Payments? We’ll cover it all in this module. :: levels, permissions & dripping :: Registration pages customization :: Integrating autoresponders & payments
MODULE 6 – Upload your life-changing content (CONTENT) mod6Where do you add your content to your site? How to you embed videos? How to you setup downloadables? We also cover progress tracking of your students. :: How to customize and embed videos :: Downloadables: how to use Amazon S3 for easy storage :: How to setup progress tracking with ProgressAlly

My break came in 2005 when Sarah McAleer, then owner of the contemporary jewellery gallery Gold- Digger 79, employed me to do some silver work for her. ‘She was the best thing that ever happened – I would be nowhere without her’. ‘She gave me half a day at first, and then I would be saying: ‘I’ll work for five hours and you’ll pay me for three because I’m learning.’ I was with her for about four or five years, and towards the end of that I was making stuff completely and she was designing it. Sarah was always pushing me. She would say: ‘Don’t worry, it’s only platinum, whats the worst that can happen!’

Eddie is Sarah’s true protege – Sarah & Eddie now share a studio together!!


Thank you so much. I can not wait to share my course to the world as well as yours. I believe in this amazing course you create. It ‘s just brilliant, elegant, beautiful and so professional. Love it!”


Because Your success is my priority and as such Support is just as important as the course content itself you also get access to:


This is a group of entrepreneurs who are passionate about teaching online looking to support each other in any aspect. From list building, to course creation, promotion, beta programs, student success strategies, we tackle all aspects of running a profitable online course or membership. By joining this group you’ll be able to :Access the collective knowledge of entrepreneurs in your field and in totally different markets as well for a new angle/perspective – Get feedbacks on your freebies, landing pages, sales pages or any asset that you create – Build strong relationships within the community that could lead to great opportunities – Ask me any questions, because I am not going anywhere!


Because having an amazing course is not enough to make it successful, You also get :


This is literally what can make or break your course. Because if you don’t know how to sell it, nobody is going to buy. I have worked with lots of Entrepreneurs, some really successful, and I know the formula for sales page that work for online courses. You will learn :The key sections you need to build a sales page that converts – I’ll share with you dozens of sales page images that I have gathered that I know worked really well so you can get some inspiration from that as well


Because there is no amazing course without resources and tutorials you also get:


You’ll have access to a complete resources library of tutorials and templates that will help make setting up your membership site or e-course even faster. You’ll find things like design templates, stock photo resources and tech tutorials on everything from adding a font to hosting your videos.

“It’s all so good: you’re the “real deal,” Nathalie. You’re so brilliant AND you have those rare gifts of ALSO being creative, ALSO being able to teach what you know, and ALSO be a genuine and tremendously caring businesswoman. There’s a country-western singer named Tim McGraw who released a song not long ago entitled, “Humble and Kind.” If you’re not familiar with it, Google it and watch his video as you listen to it. It reminds me of you…especially the line in which he sings, “….When you get where you’re going don’t forget turn back around…And help the next one in line…Always stay humble and kind…” …and that’s what you do. Thank you for EVERYTHING!”
Ellen Hill



You get access to:


  • Lifetime access to the full course on day 1
  • Access to our pre-made templates for login, dashboard and membership pages
  • Access to Extra DIVI modules built by us to provide more functionality for your students and make it even easier on you (like how to use Dropbox for collecting homework assignments)
  • Lifetime access to a private facebook group with access to me for questions and feedback
  • Graduation certificate once I have validated you completed the course!
  • Full instruction on purchasing domains, setting up hosting and WordPress. You can be ready to go in 30 minutes!


  • BONUS #1 : The Power of Memberships Private Facebook group with direct access to me
  • BONUS #2 : My Sales page creation planner + DIVI template
  • BONUS #3 : Resource Library + DIVI templates ready to be customized


You get access to:


You’ll get your own temporary Student Website ready with WordPress, DIVI and the templates already loaded with your own license of WishlistMember and of DIVI, so that you can dive right in!

  • Your course or membership site hosted on our server for the duration of the course We’ll set you up with WordPress, DIVI and Wishlist Member AND our premade design templates for your dashboard and membership pages, and sales page
  • Access to the full course on day 1 (lifetime access)
  • Access to Extra DIVI modules built by us to provide more functionality for your students and make it even easier on you (like how to use Dropbox for collecting homework assignments)
  • Lifetime access to a private facebook group with access to me for questions and feedback
  • Complete instruction on how to move the student site to your own hosting/domain
  • 1 year DIVI license (valued at $69)
  • 1 year Wishlist license (valued at $197)
  • Graduation certificate once you complete the course
  • Custom video review of your online course or membership!


  • BONUS #1 : The Power of Memberships Private Facebook group with direct access to me
  • BONUS #2 : My Sales page creation planner + DIVI template
  • BONUS #3 : Resource Library + DIVI templates ready to be customized


Package Options and Pricing Comparison

Below you can compare details of my GET-MENTORED ONE-TO-ONE PACKAGES

Here is what previous students have accomplished
I designed The Power of Memberships to address the biggest challenges that Entrepreneurs face when it comes to building their first online course or membership.
When you take The Power Of Memberships course you’ll get:
  • Full access to the course right away. We never drip content because we all go at different paces
  • Amazing tech support through our private Facebook group and direct access to me
  • Live office hours inside the group to answer your questions, provide feedback and reviews
  • Surprise bonuses that will be announced during the course!
  • Your money back guarantee if the course does not work for you (see conditions below)
What will be the result for you?
  • You’ll have a new revenue stream for your business, without putting in a bunch more hours to get it
  • Make money while you sleep (that’s an awesome feeling!)
  • An opportunity to leverage your knowledge and scale your business
  • An opportunity to reach more people and make a bigger impact
  • You’ll have a robust platform with no tech glitches where you can continue to add more courses/programs as your business continues to grow
Recommending your Course? YES!! I would shout from rooftops about this course! This has been the best course I’ve ever done. Support exceeded my greatest hopes of how much support I would receive. The support we received during this program has made it the best course I’ve ever taken! The Student site was SOOO helpful! I stress and wonder if I’m doing this stuff right so having this part done and ready to go was priceless!”

This experience was so very wonderful. Before the course I felt like I’d never be able to learn what I needed to so that I’d have a basic level of experience to make my own updates or tweaks to my learning platform. Now after having gone through this program I’m confident.”

Here is what you can expect when you take this course:
      My full commitment is to help you build that online course or membership.

That means no tech roadblocks

      , period. I will do everything that I can to help you overcome any obstacle you might have. I am a software engineer (20 years of experience) founder oh wphelpclub.com and newsoftwaremarketing.com. My husband and I have built a multiple 6-figure business building 100s of websites and memberships for entrepreneurs. While working one on one has been really rewarding, we’ve been given an even more powerful mission: to teach all that we’ve learned in our years of experience creating custom courses and membership sites for our clients. I want to help more people and share my knowledge with DIY people and those that can’t afford my services.

I know what works and what doesn’t and the shortcuts to get there

      , and I can teach you all of that.

A recap

      of what’s included:
  • Full lifetime access to the course (including updates and access to live rounds)
  • Private Facebook group: to create an inspiring community of students that get real results, hold each other accountable, support and reviews with live office hours. It’s also a way to motivate students to go through the course and graduate
  • Access to a Graphic Designer Carolyn Heim, who designed module 3 of this course will be here to answer any questions you might have regarding branding.
  • I use what I teach. Watch over-my-shoulder videos: I am using the same exact steps and tools to build this course as the ones I’m teaching you, so you can expect the same level of quality from your own course
  • Additional DIVI modules like our homework to Dropbox to allows your students to drop their homework directly in their own folder automatically created for them
  • Video resources library: like how to add gamification to your learning platform to increase engagement and student success, how to run live Q&As inside the platform and provide records afterwards and much more!

And if you’re a VIP, you’ll also receive:

      A Student website for the VIP package — it’s perfect to get started and dive right in. No figuring out how to purchase a domain, setup hosting, install WordPress or templates,

all that is done for you

      . You can dive right in! Plus I’ll show you how to move it to your own domain and hosting.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 15.42.22


Even though you get access to everything at once, I do want to offer a money back guarantee.

        I haven’t this course my best. If I can’t teach you how to build your own online course or membership, I don’t want your money. To get your money you’ll have to show me that you tried and share with me your homework. Reasons like I don’t want to use Wishlist or I don’t want to use DIVI are not valid reasons to request a refund. You have 7 days from the day you get access to the course to claim your money back.
Q : I want to build a course but I don't have a lot of time. Is this for me?
This is the fastest way to get your course online period. There is no time spent comparing tools, no looking at YouTube videos trying to make sense of tutorials that were not meant for you… we shortcut the learning curve so that you can get a course or membership out in no time. I know some of you will get it done in a weekend, because you have access to everything and you’ll just get cranking. Some will take more time, and that’s ok just as long as you keep going. This course is designed for you to go at your own pace. If you have no time at all, then you really need to spend the money to hire a professional designer and developer. This a DIY program and just buying the program is not going to get you a learning platform ready to sell. That being said you have lifetime access to the course so you can do the course anytime.
Q: I’m a total newbie and I don’t even know WordPress
This course was made for people like you!! I take away all the tech overwhelm so you can focus on delivery your course.

If you have any questions about the course feel free to contact us at


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